This is me

A brief description of how I
look at things. Hopefully, this
will give you a hint of who
I am and how I work.

(official version)


I began creating
websites and digital
illustrations in 1999.
Traditional drawing and
also music have been a
passion of mine all my life.

United States of America

I left Sweden for USA in 1986 on an adventure that kept me there until 1992, working as a tool & die maker (precision metal working).

In 1997, I returned to America and enrolled in classes at Kent State University. Some of the classes I took were engineering graphics (cad), art history, architecture (interior) and metallurgy. A bunch of classes and a bunch of topics. Never graduated, regrettably.

I left Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for Sweden in 2001 (September 9 to be exact).


In 2011, I went back into the field of heavy metal and updated my skills in welding. Since then, I work as a pipe welder. Very often, I've found myself working in paper mills or heating and power plants.

This might seem like a far leap from graphic arts. However, welding can be pretty artistic at times, I think—it's a trade I have plenty of respect for.

More recent

A career change maybe? Where will creativity go?

And the adventure continues...

Even more recent

...with courage, sacrifice and a view from afar.

A Long Lasting Memory

I stayed in a dorm during the first semester at Kent and there was this kind gentleman who worked there and always greeted me with a smile in the corridor every time when we met.

One day, I told him I was from Europe/Scandinavia and showed him on a map I had on the wall in my room. When I did this, he was silent for a while and then he pointed to an area around a place in Virginia and said: "My family is originaly from around here ...and I'm from Cherokee Nation".

Now, this is a while ago but it still pops up in my mind sometimes.

Such a special person, and I wish I would've talked with him—and listened—more.

A very nice memory!

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Sample Projects

Mp3 Player_01 (pdf)
Machu Picchu
Tesla Roadster (pdf)
Concept Car_01 (pdf)
Tropical Paradise
Sparkplug_01 (pdf)
Sparkplug_02 (pdf)


Thin Lizzy Forever

☘  Lizzy go Brách  ☘