Ett obrytbart band av vänskap.

Together In the Same Longboat

Someone once said that the main reasons for our Norse ancestors' success in their endeavours—especially out at sea—were these:

So, when the storm came...

They adapted easily to the changes in the environment and switched leadership accordingly.

They realized their individual place within the group, each with personal skills also adding to the group.

Most importantly though, they were friends. Their friendship was unbreakable. They knew who they were in the Longboat with. This holds firm even today, I think.


Again, 'Norse ancestors' is only a variant and can easily be substituted with just about anyone. The important thing is understanding the metaphor.

Men själva kunde de inte förvandlas av gränsen
som dragits emellan dem, för de kom från samma fäder,
brukade samma jord och talade samma tungomål.

Gränsstenarna utplånade inte blodsband, släktskap och språk.

But they themselves could not be transformed by the border
drawn between them, for they came from the same fathers,
farmed the same land and spoke the same language.

The boundary stones did not wipe out blood ties, kinship and language.


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Vilhelm Moberg

English translation:   machine

ISBN: 9100147265, 9789100147266

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