♪ ♫   Magnanimous Maximus Magnus' Play List   ♫ ♪

I see a lot of amazing people online listing their favorite songs, and what music they're listening to.

This is very inspirational and I want to contribute as well—in my own way of course. So, in no particular order, here's a selection of my favorite songs. Some are deep and some are not. Some are classics and some are not. Regardless, it's all high energy rock and roll to me  ;–)

Something else visible online are the words 'hold the line' – these are beautiful words to see and hear when the clouds come. Awesome!

I've got a lot of favorites so the list will expand with time.

Black Rose

—   Thin Lizzy   —

Roísín Dubh – A message hidden in poetry according to rock legend.

Running Back

—   Thin Lizzy   —

California Sun

—   Eddie Meduza   —

Who'll Stop the Rain

—   Creedence Clearwater Revival   —

Metal Daze

—   Manowar   —

Live and Dangerous

—   Thin Lizzy   —

Greatest live album ever!

New York Groove

—   Ace Frehley   —

Easy Money

—   Foghat   —

Vigilante Man

—   Nazareth   —

My Friend Jack

—   Brownsville Station   —

This is a War

—   Hi–Rez & Jimmy Levy   —

Music unites the bold and the brave.

Don't Tell Me How To Live

—   Kid Rock & Monster Truck   —

The Last of the Few

What a Wonderful World

—   Louis Armstrong   —

Fried Hockey Boogie

—   Canned Heat   —

One Helluva Night

—   Demon   —

What's My Name

—   DMX   —

It's a Long Way to the Top

—   AC/DC   —

Dear Miss Lonely Hearts

—   Phil Lynott   —

Let Me Live

—   Queen   —

Woke up this morning

—   Nazareth   —

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