My two cents

Nothing began with the pandemic.

It's not the Emperor who is dangerous, it's the people (the flies) who believe
he's got clothes on.

in the early ages of the world […] there were no kings

Nothing flatters vanity, or confirms obstinacy in Kings more than repeated petitioning and nothing hath contributed more than that very measure to make the Kings of Europe absolute. Witness Denmark and Sweden.

Intet smickrar kungars fåfänga eller stärker deras tredska bättre än upprepade petitioner – och intet har mer än just ett sådant förfarande bidragit till att göra Europas kungar enväldiga. Se blott på Danmark och Sverige.

Europe is too thickly planted with kingdoms to be long at peace.

Common Sense

Thomas Paine

Swedish translation: Thomas Warburton

Mr. Paine knew then already, hence [partially] his fate.

Regeringsformens tredje paragraf stadgar att konungens gärningar skall vara för allt åtal fredade. […] I och med att en enda person upphöjes ovanför lagen upphäver vårt statsskick även det demokratiska rättssamhället.

En fullt genomförd demokrati kräver sålunda republik med ett folkvalt stats–

The third paragraph of the form of government stipulates that the king's deeds shall be protected for all charges. […] As a single person is elevated above the law, our state also abolishes the democratic legal society.

A fully implemented democracy thus requires a republic with a popularly elected head of state.

Därför är jag republikan

Vilhelm Moberg

ISBN: 9789173893848

English translation: machine

Witness Sweden  2024

Again, no wonder things are the way they are.

Witness Sweden  2023

Again, no wonder things are the way they are.

Witness Sweden  2022

Again, no wonder things are the way they are.

Witness Sweden  2021

As far as Swedish monarchy goes, not much has happened since 1776—except for maybe the two hundred and forty–five years that have passed. Actually, not much has happened on that front for about a thousand years.

Again, no wonder things are the way they are.

King Fly

...controls the Narrative,

...which controls the Flies.

So, then, who controls King Fly?

Who's—currently—holding the key to the kingdom?

Mon Dieu!   ;–)

For what it's worth my friend, don't be a fly  ...just don't.