"The Swedish farmer turns 5,000 years old."

Vilhelm Moberg, 1970

Your   State   Religion

Designed and organized for a specific purpose since long ago.


———   Den röda tråden   ———

———   Official timeline of the Holy Roman Empire   ———

a.k.a.   Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation

(Swedish: Tysk–romerska riket)

8 0 0  –  1 8 0 6


Calvinism  [1648  –  1806]
Lutheranism  [1555  –  1806]
Roman Catholicism  [1054  –  1806]
Chalcedonian Christianity  [800  –  1054]

Note: Online, you'll find different dates as
            to when (exactly) this empire began.

        …and, most likely, when it ended.





Swedish State Religion

(time—and their money—will tell)

Calvinism    –  1806

Lutheranism    –  1806

I wonder what the flags of Scandinavia would've
looked like today, had the "heathens" developed naturally?

1544        This year, Swedish monarchy became hereditary.

   There is nothing to hoist that flag for.

1543        Nils Dacke     ⚔  Rebellion  ⚔

1523        Gustav Vasa






Roman Catholicism    –  1806

300+  years of reconciliation one might say.

   Our ancestors resisted for over 300 years.

Imposing beliefs on someone while not welcome.

   You did not discover anything.

   You conquered nothing

   Today is today

   Time is now


   Little King Fly

It is funny, your end really does justify the means.

It's also kind of funny, I always seem to get
Benedictine monks, Jesuits and Jehova's Witnesses
all mixed up for some reason. You know, the ones who
put flyers and stones other stuff in your mailbox.

I forget, you see!

It's all fine and dandy though, these "church people"
are big boys, and I'm positive they can take an honest
misunderstanding with a smile in their illuminated eyes.

Don't you think?

🎃   Happy Halloween by the way!   🎃

The first stone was cast long ago.

<!–   bullies *always* cast the first stone   –>

<!–   self–defense is not vengeance   –>

29 OKT 2023



Ansgar – This "Patron of Scandinavia" and "Apostle of the North", received the missonary mandate to bring Christianity to Northern Europe.

Chalcedonian Christianity  –  1054

The Red Thread

Så blev Småland, Sveriges sista upprorslandskap,
genom tvångsanslutning förenat med Riket.

Och året efter sin seger över smålandsbönderna, 1544, grundade
Gustav Vasa genom Västerås arvförening sitt ärftliga konungadöme.

Det nationella svenska konungadömet räddades den gången främst genom
den hjälp som lämnades kungen av 6 000 legosoldater från Tyskland.

So became Småland, Sweden's last rebellion province,
by forced affiliation united with the Reich.

And the year after his victory over the peasants of Småland, in 1544, founded
Gustav Vasa through the Västerås inheritance association his hereditary kingdom.

The national Swedish kingdom was saved at that time mainly by
the help provided to the king by 6,000 mercenaries from Germany.

Min Svenska Historia berättad för folket

(A History of the Swedish People, Vol. I & II)

Vilhelm Moberg

English translation:  machine

ISBN: 91–1–773252–2

I'm not of German descent.

Nor am I of Saami descent.

What happened to  [all]  the indigenous people of Scandinavia?

You'll find the exact dates on who was where first, and when each
religion got started in Sweden, online. Search and stir your mind!