"The Swedish farmer turns 5 000 years old."

Vilhelm Moberg, 1970

Your   State   Religion

Designed and organized for a specific purpose since long ago.



Swedish State Religion

(time—and their money—will tell)

I wonder what the flags of Scandinavia would've
looked like today, had the "heathens" developed naturally?

1544   –   This year, Swedish monarchy became hereditary.

  There is nothing to hoist that flag for.

1543   –   Nils Dacke

1523   –   Gustav Vasa



Christian – Protestant

Christian – Catholic

300+  years of reconciliation one might say

   Our ancestors resisted for over 300 years

Imposing beliefs on someone while not welcome


Ansgar – This "Patron of Scandinavia" and "Apostle of the North", received the missonary mandate to bring Christianity to Northern Europe.

(this is way before the era of telephones)

———   Den röda tråden   ———

Så blev Småland, Sveriges sista upprorslandskap,
genom tvångsanslutning förenat med Riket.

Och året efter sin seger över smålandsbönderna, 1544, grundade
Gustav Vasa genom Västerås arvförening sitt ärftliga konungadöme.

Det nationella svenska konungadömet räddades den gången främst genom
den hjälp som lämnades kungen av 6 000 legosoldater från Tyskland.

Min Svenska Historia berättad för folket

Vilhelm Moberg

ISBN: 91–1–773252–2

I'm not of German descent.

Nor am I of Saami descent.

What happened to the indigenous people of Scandinavia?

You'll find the exact dates on who was where first, and when each
religion got started in Sweden, online. Search and stir your mind!