I guess by now, one can definately see a slight
bias when it comes to my taste in music.


The attached memory to the autographed Thin Lizzy ticket is pretty cool...

We had been standing around behind the arena earlier in the day,
waiting for the band to show up for their soundcheck and to get a
glimpse of Mr. Lynott & Co.

When they showed up, somehow we managed to sneak inside, telling
the security that we were sent by our music teacher from school to
study the sound engineers (how that came about I have no idea).

Anyway, once inside we got to hear when Thin Lizzy played Holiday in
the Sun
by Sex Pistols ...and it was just us there, coolest soundcheck ever!

The signatures belong to Phil Lynott and Brian Downey [Feb 6, 1981].

              Here are some of the other concerts I've been to while in America [1986–1992, 1996–2001], I just can't find the tickets.

From memory:  Foghat, Black Crowes, The Crystal Method, Joe Walsh, Bob Seger, Georgia Satellites, Beastie Boys

...and a lot of great local talent from and around

Kent/Akron/Cleveland/Lorain/Elyria   👍