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I see a lot of amazing people online listing their favorite songs, and what music they're listening to.

This is very inspirational and I want to contribute as well—in my own way of course. So, in no particular order, here's a selection of my favorite songs. Some are deep and some are not. Some are classics and some are not. Regardless, it's all high energy rock and roll to me.

Something else visible online are the words holding the line – these are beautiful words to see and hear when the clouds come. Awesome!

I've got a lot of favorites so the list will expand with time.

I'm pretty biased with my taste in music. At the same time, I always try to find new songs to listen to and looking around online is helpful for inspiration.

However, I know that there are songs and artists I'd never be able to find myself. So, with this, I want to see if I can get some suggestions to songs and artists based on taste in music from another perspective than my own.

See if you can cut through all the noice online and I promise I'll Signal you back to say thank you.

 👉  Caution: Mike and Milton are in charge of the Playlist mail account and they are hard to handle. Should this get out of hand, I'll probably have to shut it down again. We'll see how it goes.

   🖕😎 😎👍

      🐻  Zzzz Zzzz

Black Rose

—   Thin Lizzy   —

Roísín Dubh – A message hidden in
poetry according to rock legend.

Running Back

—   Thin Lizzy   —

Irish Badass

California Sun

—   Eddie Meduza   —

Who'll Stop the Rain

—   Creedence Clearwater Revival   —

Metal Daze

—   Manowar   —

Live and Dangerous

—   Thin Lizzy   —

Greatest live album ever!

Easy Money

—   Foghat   —

Vigilante Man

—   Nazareth   —

My Friend Jack

—   Brownsville Station   —

This Is a War

—   Hi–Rez  &  Jimmy Levy   —

Music unites the Bold and the Brave.

Don't Tell Me How To Live

—   Kid Rock  &  Monster Truck   —

American Badass

What a Wonderful World

—   Louis Armstrong   —

Fried Hockey Boogie

—   Canned Heat   —

One Helluva Night

—   Demon   —

What's My Name

—   DMX   —


It's a Long Way To the Top

—   AC/DC   —

New York Groove

—   Ace Frehley   —

Dear Miss Lonely Hearts

—   Phil Lynott   —

Let Me Live

—   Queen   —

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