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Below are selected items from my web design portfolio.

If you think any of my talents might be useful to you, please check out the Creativity Page for a more detailed description of what SynkroGrafik can create.

Web Design

My own site (this one) is a perfect example of how I create the design utilizing the harmony of the colors combined with the site's major goal—to display my talent  ;–)

I build sites based on clean code and the use of stylesheets (css), separating content and structure.

Links to specific websites built by me are available upon request.

Web Standards

SynkroGrafik follows the World Wide Web Consortium guidelines.

404 Error Page

The 404 Error page is supposed to be used when the server cannot find the requested location and is unsure of its status. This page is very essential for keeping a visitor from leaving your site but usually contains very little information.

Below, you'll find the link to SynkroGrafik's own 404 Error page.

…enjoy for inspiration!

Sample Projects

Mp3 Player_01 (pdf)
Machu Picchu
Tesla Roadster (pdf)
Concept Car_01 (pdf)
Tropical Paradise
Sparkplug_01 (pdf)
Sparkplug_02 (pdf)