We must always take sides.
Neutrality helps the opressor, never the victim.
Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.

The opposite of life is not death, it's indifference.

Elie Wiesel

An Opportunity of a Lifetime

An open invitation to come and trade places with me. I'll live your
life and you mine. Please, come out of your proverbial cave and see
the light. Be almost diagnosed *and* untreated. You'll never know
for sure. Uncertainty, firsthand, there's nothing like it.

January 1, 2020

To Whom It May Concern:

Would you like to experience true socialized medicine and health care based on your anti–socialist/marxist beliefs and you have no other options?

This will give you the benefit of making your decision based on your own experience instead of what others have told you, or what you may have read about socialized medicine and health care (also known as universal/single–payer health care).

Among many things, you will then know what it's like to:

  • ☠  …have untreaded PTSD for 27 years  ...and counting.
  • ☠  …be ignored by the "health system".
  • ☠  …be wrongfully diagnosed.
  • ☠  …be wrongfully medicated.
  • ☠  …be wrongfully treated.
  • ☠  …be denied treatment.
  • ☠  …be questioned.
  • ☠  …be offered anti–depressants while your injuries are physical.
  • ☠  …have your physical injuries totally ignored.
  • ☠  …have your call for help go unanswered.

Reality Check

To this day, the topics brought forward here have yet to be addressed on a serious, mature and honest level, anywhere in Sweden. These topics simply don't exist.

I'll let you know if anything of this changes.

Anymore, why are you still afraid of the "Big Pharma Mafia"?

Lack of courage?

     January 1, 2023          👊   Political Medicine   👊        That's it   ...that's the tweet!

     January 1, 2022                   July 31, 2022  

     January 1, 2021  

Pain is a very strange thing indeed—both physical and mental—and also very different from person to person.

Since long ago, I refuse taking any kind of synthetic medication for my injuries. I've had enough of that crap.

To counteract all this negativity a little bit, I use the sauna (heat) as much as possible.

Unfortunately, some time ago, access to the sauna in our building was made restricted, reasons unknown.

I also do stretching excercises and I'm also trying to get the hang of a yoga swing a very special person gave to me some time ago—my sister, who's been with me throughout this ordeal from the beginning, a True Guardian Angel—so, it's an upside down world, sometimes.

Again, an excellent opportunity to practice patience, focus and reflection.

By the way, it'd be really nice to get my spaceship back. That would probably calm things down considerably, for everyone. 👈 I was serious with this one ...so you know.

•  Special Offer — Your very own personal id–number. Or is it mine? I don't know. We don't know. Step in line. Or not. Who cares?

All inclusive and diversified so to speak.

•  Very Special Offer — One year unlimited supply of the anti–depressant of *our* choice. The all new Strange, Progressive, Backwards & Depressing, a.k.a. the Socialistic Wonder Drug (now with chicken flavor).


  •  Find out the difference between absolute and conditional Free Speech.

  •  Find out that there are many different types and variations of Democracy.

  •  Find out that socialized health care tend to be political no–care.

  •  Find out the true meaning of waiting list.

  •  Find out that who you are really does matter in order to receive treatment.

  •  A chance to testify globally in regards to your situation.

  •  A chance to contribute to research (willingly/unwillingly).

  •  Black Belt promotion in Socialized Health Care and Pain (physical/mental).

All this for FREE (or is it?)

    Sincerely Up Yours,

PS: Despite, or thanks to, cruel and inhumane treatment during a long period of time (many, many years), you might develop a good and healthy sense of sarcastic humor.

Serious Note: I'm forever grateful to the people behind CAPS. Mine isn't Combat PTSD and it took me 27 years to discover the CAPS (onset: January, 1993). All struggle aside, now I know.

Words from one of the recent (2019) doctors I've met along the way: "Diagnosis for PTSD, here in Sweden is supposed to be accessed by refugees only."

This is one of the many reasons it took 27 years for me to discover the CAPS.

The reason for me to say it's not Combat PTSD is out of respect for how this 'word' originated.

About the CAPS: Maxed out in all categories except for suicide; ZERO. In loving memory of my father; our father, and our mother's life partner (1934 – 1987).

Recently, I've also found out about what matters the most during the times of uncertainty: Health, Relationships and Finances.

There's a place between Flight and Fight where uncertainty rules. Keep the time you spend here to a minimum.

Today, I learned about something called Post Traumatic Growth. Thank you!

They gave me their poison in portions  –  Big mistake!

To clarify: My PTSD is not from my car crash (1992). The onset date is important to note (January, 1993). My PTSD comes from the horrific experience of being stuck [prisoner] in the Swedish health care system.

Again, I do have a diagnosis for PTSD, issued by a Swedish doctor (2019).

That diagnosis is a worthless piece of paper.

Reminder: The process is the punishment.

To all, in Sweden and elsewhere, who are—and have been—participating in doing this to me [and indirectly my family], and to you who never answered our call for help:

You will be put in your place – only, it will not be done by us.

Odin (Source/God/Creator ...whatever) has heard my testimony.

You should pray!   ...but you won't.

Pray  =  Ponder/Think   (kinda same thing, to me)

Hopefully, my told experience will help others, wherever they are.

Note: I was going to list the names of all the people involved, but they are too many for this space. The names are so many that they deserved their own web site.

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