What's missing in Sweden?

Why is the press/media in Sweden called the Third Estate, while the same is called the Fourth Estate (branch of government) in the United States?

//asking for a friend

...friend also wonders: Why so much use of weasel words (Swedish: "försåtliga referenser"), and why so much being vague with names of perpetrators, locations and victims when reporting on something?

By constantly quoting and interviewing anonymous individuals makes the reporting to never be 100% true; you're merely spreading rumors. Who benefits from this selective "reporting"?

Like men in a state of intoxication,
you forget that the rest of the world have eyes,
and that the same stupidity
which conceals you from yourselves
exsposes you to their satire and contempt.

Like madmen biting in the hour of death.

Thomas Paine

Instead, remember that you have to live.

Endorsed by:  Thirteenth Estate

(sorry, can't help it, and I'm a big fan of quotes)