Like men in a state of intoxication,
you forget that the rest of the world have eyes,
and that the same stupidity
which conceals you from yourselves
exsposes you to their satire and contempt.

Thomas Paine

Current  🎯  Times

Considering current times, and what seems to be in store for 2023, sarcasm and irony will probably trend a lot. Most likely karma (good and bad) as well.

For now, there really are no plans for this page. However, I'm flexible and I see great potential. Sarcasm is the future! ...or not, we'll see.

Exciting Times

What we, the people of the world, are experiencing at this point in time, is what almost everyone who lived before us wished for, cried for, begged for and prayed for.

Some have anticipated this time with great fear and dark thoughts though.

It's all a very humbling thought, I think.

Today's Word

✨    Saluting an Age of Reason    ✨


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Ancient Impediment of Natural Flow


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  Boys have a penis

  Girls have a vagina

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Trust me!


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