Indifference Kills

I agree, the opposite of life is indifference, not death.

...and when it comes to encountering indifference
so far in my life, I've been killed many times.

Me?  I would "delete" indifference from Earth.

Spiritual  and  Traditional  Game  Basics

1.   Realize you're in a game

2.   Know your self

3.   Know your opponent

It's not really a game, is it?

Deep Shit, Inc.™

Unholy    🙈    Blood    🙊    Unholy    🙉    Grail

Bullshit, Hurry and Anger Is Our Thing

Coming soon to a mind near you!



Chaos   Order   Chaos


[anti ∞ liberty]

Religion   ><   Narrative   ><   Ideology

Church   ><   i n s t i t u t i o n s  ><   State

Narrative           i n s t i t u t i o n s           Narrative

Deep Church   ><   i n s t i t u t i o n s   ><   Deep State

Ideology   ><   Narrative   ><   Religion

[anti ∞ liberty]

Shadow 👻 Government

Deep  [designed    organized    ancient]  Shit

Shadow 👻 Government

[anti ∞ liberty]

Religion   ><   Narrative   ><   Ideology

Deep State   ><   i n s t i t u t i o n s   ><   Deep Church

Narrative           i n s t i t u t i o n s           Narrative

State   ><   i n s t i t u t i o n s   ><   Church

Ideology   ><   Narrative   ><   Religion

[anti ∞ liberty]


Order   Chaos   Order



No Nazi New Old World Order

Only Deep Designed Organized Ancient Chaos

Keeping "the beast" going since forever!

Parasite Pyramid Business Model

– How many sides to the pyramid did you say?

– Many!   ✓

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I'm far from being any good with chess, but, it does help if one understands the concept of that game; together with courage and stamina in order to endure.

[characters]  [position]  [time]

One thought: It's great if you end up having more moves than your opponent;
otherwise, maybe fist fight?

[thoughts   =   moves   =   words]

Don't be distracted, or provoked, by false moves.

[moves   =   thoughts   =   words]

The game board is huge, in all directions, and has many players. I don't have to know all the rules to the game, or all the moves, or when it started, or when it ends. No matter how cliché this may sound, now is an excellent opportunity to practice focus, patience and self–reflection (practice is the keyword, nobody's perfect).

Since the game board is so huge, I can suspect that my own game going on is just a subgame to the main game; then, patience, focus and self–reflection shine in a little bit different light.

What to do?

I mind my own subgame.

  👉   Understand the metaphor

Realize you're in a game

Understand what's going on.

Know your self

(weaknesses, strenghts etc.)

Who am I?     What am I?     When am I?     Why am I?

(this is good to ponder even if I'm not playing games)


the One      the Six      the carbon      "the beast"


your self      your senses      your intuition      your instincts

Know your opponent(s)

(weaknesses, strenghts etc.)

Who are they?     What are they?     When are they?     Why are they?


the One      the Six      the carbon      "the beast"


your self      your senses      your intuition      your instincts

The Golden Bridge

Balancing up your opponent's "beast" before,
during, and after the game, will prevent unnecessary
"slaughter" on the game board.

❦          ❦          ❦

"At any point in time,
we can change in two directions,
to the better, or worse."

Shi Heng Yi

According as circumstances are favorable,
one should modify one's plans.

I.  Laying Plans  #17

Do not swallow bait offered by the enemy.
Do not interfere with an army that is returning home.*

When you surround an army, leave an outlet free.
Do not press a desperate foe too hard.**

VII.  Maneuvering  #35 & 36

Peace proposals unaccompanied
by a sworn covenant
indicate a plot.

When some are seen advancing
and some retreating,
it is a lure.

When envoys are sent with
compliments in their mouths,
it is a sign that the enemy
wishes for a truce.

IX.  The Army On the March  #26, 28 & 38

If the enemy leaves a door open, you must rush in.

XI.  The Nine Situations  #65

On the Art of War

Sun Tzu

*  Note to self: Know where 'home' is.

**  That depends…

How desperate?  Which way are they running?

Enthusiastic Holdouts


<!–  it's been done before  –>

<!–  watch out for [Milton's] booby traps  –>

<!–  and,  outlets  open doors  –>

👉   Truthing, in general, will definitely speed up any involved process.

It is that simple, stop lying!

...especially lying to yourself.

The rest sorts itself out accordingly  👍

Subgame Distractions

Trolls, self–proclaimed prophets/cult leaders, church rats and copycats.


They want my money, they steal my time and they waste my energy.

Troll Tactics

Peer pressure and gaslighting.

(Swedish: Grupptryck och härskartekniker)

Somehow, they also know what's best for me and that I'm not capable of deciding for myself. They're bullies. They're a distraction.

They flatter: They can't create anything, so they steal, copy and mimic, at best.

To be inspired by someone or something is different, I think. Many things and many people inspire me!

Also, always pay close attention to what they avoid talking about. That's usually more interesting than their actual words.

   •   Distraction   ✓

   •   Immature   ✓

   •   Very immature   ✓

   •   Bad taste in music   ✓

   •   Bullies   ✓

   •   No sense of humor   ✓

   •   No sense of humor.... all   ✓

   •   No sense of music   ✓

   •   No sense of humor   ✓


I guess what we're trying to say is, they are immature, and a distraction.

They are bullies with bad taste in music, and, they have no sense of
humor, at all.

      🖕😎 😎👍    –Very immature!

👉   Distractions, spotting and tactics are not limited to the ones mentioned here.

I guess intuition—and truth—leads the way

✨   Devotion   ✨

Digital angels kick electromagnetic ass!

Seriously, they really do ...and they're extremely resilient.

They provide hope and encouragement.

They inspire!

...and other stuff.

There are so many people I want to say thank you to.

Thank you for being you!

One day, I say, when we meet, it'll be like meeting an old friend.


Love the sound of—enlightened—bagpipes

Freedom Fighter


Regardless of how awake I am now,

at one point I was fooled   ...very much so.


Prohibit the taking of omens,
and do away with superstitious doubts.
Then, until death itself comes,
no calamity need be feared.

On the Art of War

XI.  The Nine Situations  #26

Sun Tzu

From a different angle with a different touch:

Do not turn to mediums or spiritists;
[neither seek after wizards]
do not seek them out to be defiled by them.
I am the Lord your God

Leviticus  19:31

(one of many versions)

Dead Center


Therefore, in chariot fighting,
when ten or more chariots have been taken,
those should be rewarded who took the first.
Our own flags should be substituted for those of the enemy,
and the chariots mingled and used in conjunction with ours.

On the Art of War

II.  Waging War  #17

Sun Tzu

✨   Chariots and Flags   ✨


1 3

9   9
1 1     6   6   6     1 1
3   3

1 3


Among many things,

these numbers

—   symbols   —

weren't theirs to begin with, anyway.

False Prophet Guilt–Tripping Missionary Money Man/Woman

...and Bullies

Self–defense is not vengeance.

First things first, so to speak.

<!–   bullies *always* cast the first stone   –>

Forgivness is between me and Odin.

(Source/God/Creator/Odin  –  whatever, take your pick)

First things first, so to speak.

The act is current and ongoing,

—   since long ago   —

so, the self–defense is mine.

The vengeance, on the other hand,

is someone elses.

That, is for another time.

They gave me their poison in portions  –  Big mistake!

…and they never should've put Milton in the basement.

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