Spiritual Game Basics

1. Realize you're in a game.

2. Know your self.

3. Know your opponent.

          ♙      ♟          

It's not really a game, is it?

I'm far from being any good with chess, but, it does help if one understands the concept of that game; together with courage and stamina in order to endure.

[characters]  [position]  [time]

One thought: It's great if you end up having more moves than your opponent;
otherwise, maybe fist fight?

[thoughts  =  moves  =  words]

Don't be distracted, or provoked, by false moves.

[moves  =  thoughts  =  words]

The game board is huge, in all directions, and has many players. I don't have to know all the rules to the game, or all the moves, or when it started, or when it ends. No matter how cliché this may sound, now is an excellent opportunity to practice focus, patience and reflection (practice is the keyword, nobody's perfect).

Since the game board is so huge, I can suspect that my own game going on is just a subgame to the main game; then, patience, focus and reflection shine in a little bit different light.

What to do?

I mind my own subgame.

Subgame Distractions

Trolls, self–proclaimed prophets/cult leaders, church rats and copycats.


They want my money, they steal my time and they waste my energy.

Troll Tactics

Peer pressure and gaslighting (Swedish: grupptryck och härskartekniker).

Somehow, they also know what's best for me and that I'm not capable of deciding for myself. They're bullies. They're a distraction.

Also, always pay close attention to what they avoid talking about (that's usually more interesting than their actual words).

✓   Distractions, spotting and tactics are not limited to the ones mentioned here.

I guess intuition—and truth—leads the way.