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SynkroGrafik 2023

Welcome to synkrografik.com
This site is my online portfolio and creative outlet.

This is it! Graphic arts and webdesign with beauty and
stable structure.

  ℳagnus   +3 = 9

Ancient Impediment
  Natural Flow




What previous projects involved is described on the Creativity Page.

My talent is displayed on the Portfolio Page.

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"The Eagle speaks the truth."

Oren Lyons

   Historic Times

       Discouraging Times

          Adventurous Times

                 Dark Times

                    Overlapping Times

                          Different Times

                                Exciting Times

                                     Establishing Truth Times

          Note to self: Be sure to record it.

Sample Projects

Mp3 Player_01 (pdf)
Machu Picchu
Tesla Roadster (pdf)
Concept Car_01 (pdf)
Tropical Paradise
Sparkplug_01 (pdf)
Sparkplug_02 (pdf)